Stop NC Legislators From Meddling In College Accreditation

The NC legislature is in the process of passing legislation that will force NC colleges to change accreditors every cycle placing a heavy burden on NC universities and community colleges. The change could also harm students and the reputation of all NC higher education institutions.

There have been attempts to justify such an egregious and unnecessary change and even suggestions that the current accreditor somehow invited such action or deserves it.  Any such suggestion is not true.  SACSCOC simply did their job and followed normal process by sending a letter to Carolina asking for more details about the process trustees used to propose the new School of Civic Life and Leadership. Following that inquiry, several right-wing NC politicians sent a somewhat threatening letter to the accreditor and then Senate Bill 680 (copy and paste this link to see the bill as the legislature often blocks referrals from our website was proposed and has passed the NC senate. The Coalition recently held a webinar to alert the public about the potential dangers of this proposed legislation to change accreditors. What follows are video clips and accompanying text from that webinar.

Ms. Sallie Shuping Russell was a former member of the SACSCOC board shares how accreditors actually work with colleges.  She also touches on actions leading up to the recent legislation.

Dr. Holden Thorp, former UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor shares his thoughts on why it is important for politicians to avoid meddling in the accreditation process and why politicians might want to do so.

Dr. Jerry Lucido Founder of the USC Center for Enrollment, Research and Policy and Practice explains how an accrediting change can hurt Carolina and other colleges.

Dr Roslyn Artis, President of Benedict College and SACSCOC board member, explains what the benefits are of working with the same accreditor.

By many measures, forcing an expensive, cumbersome, unnecessary accreditor change on UNC System and NC Community colleges is dangerous and terrible idea, that you can impact.  Dr. Mimi Chapman provides her thoughts to webinar attendees any you on what you can do to try and stop this madness.

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