Bad Ruling for UNC

In a serious blow to UNC, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that the University’s affirmative-action admissions policy is unconstitutional.

We soon will know more about the decision and its impact. But we know one thing for sure: You, the members of the Coalition for Carolina, believe this will hurt the University.

As we reported earlier, we did an online poll of our 22,000+ members, friends and followers last month, and 486 of you responded.

The poll included this question:

“The US Supreme Court is hearing a case about affirmative action involving UNC. If the court rules that affirmative action programs at the university are unconstitutional, do you think it will have a positive or negative impact on the university?”

The result:

  • By 83-11%, those who responded said it will have a “negative impact” on UNC.
  • 42% said the impact would be “very negative” and 41% said “somewhat negative.”

We’d like to hear more about what you think. Follow this link to send us your comments.

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