A Message from Roger Perry

With your help, the Coalition for Carolina has made significant progress. In this video, co-Founder Roger Perry thanks you for what you have already done and shares other ways that you can help to get governance overreach and extremist politics out of Carolina.

Please consider supporting the Coalition with a financial contribution. Your gift of $50 or more will help the Coalition to secure a $25,000 grant.  We just need several more donors to meet the participation threshold.  Please follow this link to donate: https://coalition-for-carolina-foundation.myhelcim.com/hosted/?token=e1c642179450134d5b784d

Please participate.  We need your help.

Thank you.

One thought on “A Message from Roger Perry

  1. I just read about the Coalition in the DTH and looked you up. I’m trying to understand what your focus is, what exactly your “perspective” (maybe a mission statement when we open the “perspective” tab on the website?) on our current situation is. From this video, it’s impossible to tell what you/the Coalition considers a “radical ideology” and the specific concerns you have about the University’s governance. Can you share examples?
    Susan Overton ‘78

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